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In Fountain Valley, we have many patients coming in with injuries due to sports or other high intensity physical training. The best way to prevent a sports injury is to warm up properly and stretch because warm muscles are more flexible. They can absorb quick movements, bends, and jerks, making injury less likely. Many sports injuries cause immediate pain or discomfort. These injuries are often diagnosed during routine physical examinations or checkups and can be treated through a variety of sports medicine options.

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Do I Need Sports Medicine?

Coast Physical Medicine offers residents in Fountain Valley with the most cutting edge therapies for sports medicine and sports related injuries. At our clinic, the doctors have extensive knowledge about the musculoskeletal system that makes them the perfect choice for all your sports medicine needs. Chiropractic care is especially useful for athletes, particularly when used in conjunction with other holistic healing practices, including massage therapy, because it not only promotes healing, but also helps prevent future injury, and can improve performance.

Rehabilitation Management

Our certified, caring, and experienced staff provides specific one-on-one rehabilitation care to help you recover from your condition as soon as possible. We offer individualized hands-on care within a clean, comfortable facility.

You play an integral role in making your therapy successful. The best thing we can do is provide you with the knowledge to help treat yourself. Educating patients is one of the key roles of rehabilitative training.

Throughout your rehabilitation you will gain information on:

  • Managing/Reducing Pain
  • Restoring Motion and Mobility
  • Gaining Strength and Stability
  • Resuming Normal Activities
  • Posture and Body Mechanics
  • Preventing Re-Injury

How We Diagnose

If you think you have a sports injury, your doctor will likely use the following steps to get a diagnosis. These include:

  • Physical examination. We will attempt to move the injured joint or body part. This helps them see how the area is moving, or how it’s not moving if that’s the case.
  • Medical history. This involves asking you questions about how you were injured, what you were doing, what you’ve done since the injury, and more. If this is your first time visiting this doctor, they may also ask for a more thorough medical history.
  • Imaging tests. X-rays, MRIs, CT scans, and ultrasounds can all help your doctor and healthcare providers see inside your body. This helps them confirm a sports injury diagnosis.

Meet Our Team

  • Dr. John  Warren Photo
    Dr. John Warren


    “I was a skeptic” admits Dr. John Warren. I wasn’t even sure what a chiropractor did. I injured by back in a skiing accident and after a month of pain killers and muscle relaxers, I was still in pain. My MD wanted to to send me to a surgeon, which I did not want to do. I went to see my sisters doctor. A few weeks later, I was mostly pain free and two months later I was completely pain free. I felt better than before the accident and I had learned how to take care of my health. That’s when I ...
  • Dr. Daniel  Warren Photo
    Dr. Daniel Warren


    My Name is Dr. Daniel Warren. I have been in the Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley area since 1993. My focus is to bring health and wellness to everyone. I have been married to a wonderful woman named Sylvia since 1993, and we have 3 boys, named Daniel, Tyler and Nicholas. I am very active in the community; I have been coaching Pop Warner Football for the past 10 years. Some of my other hobbies include surfing and traveling. I became aware of Chiropractic through my sister. She was involved ...
  • Dr. Martin  Andrade Photo
    Dr. Martin Andrade

    Physical Therapist

    Martin (mar-teen) grew up in beautiful southern CA, and became a resident of O.C. in 2006. He attended Cal Poly State University, SLO, majoring in Kinesiology and graduated Cum Laude. He took up running, surfing, playing soccer and tennis, and became more involved in physical fitness while in college. Here is also where he became fascinated with the human body and the amazing feats it could endure and perform, and became passionate about the field of Physical Therapy. Martin then attended the ...
  • Michael  Liang, LAc Photo
    Michael Liang, LAc


    Michael is a second generation acupuncturist and herbalist. He graduated from South Baylo University for TCM. He apprenticed with his father and uncle who are very proud that he is carrying on the family tradition since 1999. Also apprenticed with Dr. Han at Yue Yang Hospital in Shanghai, China treating many different symptoms and diseases with acupuncture. On the weekends, he would travel a long way to the small town of Song Jiang to learn from a well known retired acupuncturist. Currently, he ...

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  • We Specialize in Non-Surgical Disc Treatment
  • Our Staff Is Friendly & Welcoming
  • Offering A Variety Of Wellness Services
  • We Have a State-of-the-Art Facility with New Technology
  • We Have Nearly 30 Years of Experience

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Opinions That Matter The Most
  • “I have been a patient of John Warren for a few years and he has been very professional and knowledgeable in his field of Chiropractic and Related Injuries with results. The office staff from the front desk to the other service offered are very helpful.”

    - Mark S.
  • “Very professional staff who are always happy to see you. Zero wait time with an appointment. Highly effective treatment. Thank you.”

    - Chad T.
  • “Staff and doctors are always friendly and professional. Location is clean and welcoming. Best of all, the doctors are very good at explaining issues, spending time to discuss options and being engaged with their patients during treatment and recovery.”

    - Chuck B.

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