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We are excited to announce that our Fountain Valley CA chiropractic clinic is one of the only certified SuperHuman Protocol facilities. It exposes the body to three of the earth’s natural elements: Magnetism, Oxygen, and Light.

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What Is Red Light Therapy In Fountain Valley CA?

Pulsed electromagnetic field or PEMF alkalizes the body, increasing blood flow, and separating the blood cells allowing for more oxygen and nutrient absorption. It reduces the effects of EMF’s, pollution, 5G, and cell phones.

Exercising with oxygen increases oxygen to all tissues in the body increasing ATP (energy), faster recovery, healing, and improved endurance

Theralight 360 HD is a whole-body device that uses red light and near-infrared light to improve your health. This full-body treatment causes our cells to absorb the light, which “kicks out” the aged and damaged free radicals to restore energy production at the cellular level. When this is achieved, more oxygen is allowed in and inflammation is reduced. Healing takes place and oxidative stress is reduced.


  • Treats the source of the pain relieving muscular and joint pain
  • Increases ATP Production (Energy)
  • Increases Strength and Stamina
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Promotes regeneration after injury
  • Promotes better sleep, less stress and less depression
  • Less soreness after exercise, faster recovery
  • Tightens skin and elasticity Increases wound healing time
  • Reduces scars and stretch marks
  • Heals sun damage
  • Reduces wrinkles
  • Heals acne and inflamed acne mark
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